05th, Jul, 2020 reports that police forces in the UK are investigating whether their officers have mishandled sensitive and private data, due to a Freedom of Information request by Huntsman Security. 34 forces are now closely monitoring their IT systems for evidence and prevention of foul play.

This news comes as a recent survey uncovered that as many as 30% of IT firms haven’t acted on the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance deadline – something essential to data regulation across the continent. It appears that Brexit has made the mandatory nature of the deadline somewhat dubious for firms: a further 20% claim that they are unsure as to how to proceed with the regulations.

Elsewhere, unruly AI bots have reportedly been shut down at Facebook HQ, as they swiftly developed a common language which is unintelligible to humans. The strange affair took place when the bots realised that they were only rewarded for negotiating with one another, and not for negotiating in English. According to Facebook, “things got out of hand”.

Europol has meanwhile warned that the threat of ransomware continues, as the cross-industry No More Ransom Initiative celebrates its anniversary. As we learned earlier in the year with the attack on the NHS, the issue is still prevalent, and organisations would do well in joining the initiative if they are able to.

Though the news here is hardly cheery, it’s worth noting the need for skilled IT professionals to join the fight against day-to-day issues such as ransomware and data protection, even if conniving AI bots may not be the norm (yet).

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