What is a competency?

A competency is an ability or attribute described in terms of skills & behaviours that are key to effective performance within a job.

Why use them?

Clients interview against competencies, as they are applicable across a range of jobs, unlike specialist technical skills that are job specific. They provide a common, un-scientific, language for describing performance. They reflect your achievements and experience so provide reliable data about your ability in certain key areas when used as part of a selection process.

The Interview

You will be told which competency is being interviewed against and how it is defined, you will then be asked to describe a recent situation that demonstrates your past experience in this area. You should:

Listen to the question and choose a relevant example from your own experience the example should preferably be from the last six months not every example has to be work related. Give an overview of the situation how did it arise? what were the key stages?

Describe your own contribution be sure to be specific as to your own actions and not “we”.

Discuss the results; how were they achieved? What were the impacts of your own contribution? What did you learn? And remember…

Take time to think about your answer and keep calm!

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