In light of the damning insight into the BBC’s pay practices earlier this week, leading employment lawyers have urged other companies to look into any pay gaps of their own.

As reported in Recruiter, Dr Sybill Steiner, partner solicitor at Irwin Mitchell, recommends for businesses to swiftly review their practices, or be prepared for the possibility of legal challenges .

“ If, when reviewing its data, an employer discovers a difference in pay within specific roles and grades, it should undertake further work to ascertain the reasons for this. If these relate to gender, the employer should consider the possibility of being vulnerable to a tribunal claim.”

Though Christopher Tutton, a partner at Constantine Law, notes that there is there is sometimes confusion regarding the difference between gender pay gaps and equal pay, he conceded that “having a wide gender pay gap might indicate a breach of equal pay legislation”.

In tackling this pay packet disparity, there is some good news is already in place. From next Spring, companies with more than 250 employees will have to declare their gender pay gap and place the data on a government website – allowing present and future employees pertinent information that was previously unavailable to them.

The DCS Group strive for equality when placing our candidates, and welcome any moves to reduce the gender pay gap.

14th, Jul, 2020

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