Of course, the completion of the Burbo Bank wind farm in Liverpool may be old news for the great many of you who keep up to date with renewable energy gossip. As for everyone else, did you see the big wind turbine that the good people at Lego made? You might have seen more than one familiar name.

The 7.5m model wind turbine in the Liverpool One Centre – constructed over 600 hours by a team of 15 with 146,251 blocks – was built to publicise the wind farm off the Liverpool bay, and Lego’s parent companies Kirkbi A/S were one of the groups behind it. But on whom did they rely for their plant hire and extra manpower?

Why, DCS of course.

This very high-profile promotional stunt attracted press from all over the country, as well as onlookers throughout the entirety of its construction. Lego’s decision to choose DCS Group speak wonders of our competence, reliability and the trust in our brand. DCS Group through their company Plant Hire supplied the equipment to install the amazing model and some of the labour through it’s recruitment division Dcs Recruitment.

A big congratulations and thank you to all involved, including Lego and Kirkbi A/S, of course. Not to mention those who put in the hours on Friday. We are honoured to have been involved with such an interesting project.

12th, Jul, 2020 Back
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